SISLRA is focused on saving lives and is concentrating efforts to attract 'street racers' to our sanctioned drag race venue. Students, non students and racers of all ages are encouraged to come to the drags. No previous experience is needed. There are club members and track officials to explain the finer details of this exciting type of motor sport.

South Island Straight Liners Racing Association was formed back in the summer of 1980. A small handful of car and hot rod enthusiasts had a desire to test their cars, and held their meeting in a small area above a local body shop.

The club created a very simple and basic constitution:

Club's constitution

  1. To promote high performance motor vehicle safety on Vancouver Island.
  2. To promote motor vehicle soundness.
  3. To test high performance motor vehicles in a controlled environment.
  4. To eventually establish a permanent high performance motor vehicle testing facility (1/4 mile drag strip).
  5. To provide for the interchange of information and/or parts.
  6. To hold regular fund raising events such as dances, raffles, and other such events.
  7. To co-operate with other societies with similar interests.
  8. To gather together on a regular basis to carry out the above purposes, to plan, and to organize the above.